Ankle Mobility Series – Part 1

Three Position Calf Raises
Ankle Mobility 1

Three Position Calf Raises:

Stand on an elevated surface (step, big book, curb, etc.) with your feet in neutral position, toes pointed forward
Allow your heels to drop off the edge of the elevated surface about one to two inches.
Then push up on to your toes as high as you can and squeeze your calf muscles at the peak (hold and squeeze for 2 seconds)
Repeat for 15-25 repetitions
Now stand with your feet internally rotated pointing your toes together and spreading your heels apart.
Repeat steps 2-4
Finally, stand with your feet externally rotated pointing your toes out at a 45 degree angle and putting your heels together.
Repeat steps 2-4

⚠  TIP: Hold on to something for balance.