Personal Training Testimonials

“We have been clients of Alex Smith’s “At Your Door Personal Training” for two years and have a high opinion of his services.  Having a fitness trainer in our home makes it easy and special to keep fit–no need to psych up to get to the gym.  Alex is always on time, and he comes in the door enthusiastically ready to lead our session.  We appreciate that his program for the day is both geared to our needs and prepared ahead of time so we get right into it and progress through a series of exercises with bands and work-out balls that build on the previous sessions and developments.  These workouts have been beneficial in getting us in shape, improving muscle tone, and in helping us have an improved sense of well-being.  The routines appear to be designed especially for us as people in our late 60’s-early 70’s, and while they are demanding, we have been pleased (and surprised) that we have adapted to them and are able to do more each time.  As we go through the workout, Alex keeps checking to see how we feel or if we are having problems completing the exercises.  If there are difficulties, he readily makes adjustments.  Most importantly, he guides us with encouragement and praise so that we want to succeed not only for ourselves but for him.  His knowledge and experience are obvious, and give us confidence in his training.  Lastly, Alex is very personable, open, likeable, and client friendly.” 

At Your Door Personal Training Sessions
Marcia And Lou S.

I absolutely love Alex! I have been working with him for almost 2 years. I can not say enough amazing things about him and his work practice. He goes above and beyond! He has helped me in so many areas from exercise after my gastric sleeve to my aging aliments that just need special attention with extra stretching and special movements. I was skeptical at first on having a complete stranger in my house but after the 1st visit I was sold. He isn’t just a great trainer he is a down to earth friendly person who makes you very comfortable.He is very knowledgeable in sooooo many areas, I feel I am getting the best care with each workout/therapy secession.I highly recommend Alex for any of your training needs!

Shana Cohen Review Image
Shana C.

If you’re looking for convenience, accountability and diverse workouts- this is the PERFECT solution! Alex has been my trainer for a year and a half and he was always on time, worked around my schedule, and had personalized workouts to help me build muscle and tone my body. I recently moved but continued my membership with At Your Door Personal Training. Alex writes personalized workouts that I can easily follow and access on his website. If I want to squeeze in an extra workout, I can generate my own using his unique software. (This is GREAT for those that travel a lot).I have worked out with other trainers in the past but it never lasted. This is the BEST thing I could’ve done for MYSELF! He holds me accountable and he encourages me even though I am 100 miles away!

Kaycee Pugel Review Image
Kaycee P.

I’ve been training with Alex for 5 years and I’m in the best shape of my life and improving continually. Over the years, he’s been flexible and accommodating with my schedule. He’s come to my door with a full rack of weights, we’ve met at gyms, and he’s written personalized workouts for me to take home and do on my own. Alex is very involved in researching the best workouts and always gets me excited about trying new things, which makes working out more fun; it’s constantly evolving to meet my needs and make me better and stronger.

I’ve learned so much about fitness and exercise while training with Alex. He always makes sure to explain the form to me so that I understand and he pushes and encourages me so I get a much better and more rewarding workout than I would be able to on my own. He also follows up with me after workouts to make sure everything is still feeling good.

For a committed, knowledgeable, and experienced trainer, I wouldn’t consider training with anyone else.

Ryan M Review Image
Ryan M.

Alex has been my trainer for several years and I could not be happier.  With Alex’s help, I have lost over 35 pounds.  Alex does regular assessments so I can track my progress.  This helps give me accountability.  It’s such a pleasure to work with someone that makes you feel comfortable and comes to your home.  I have arthritis in my knee and Alex has helped it tremendously by modifying the exercises and strengthening the muscles around it.   He has knowledge about nutrition and calories that have helped me reach my weight loss goals.  I look forward to our workouts and only wish that I could have Alex come everyday!

April Curtis Review Image
April C.

Alex has been our personal trainer for almost three years.  Since we live in Tampa, Florida, we do our workouts by Skype in a room that has mirrors on the wall behind us.  This allows Alex to see us from different angles and monitor our progress over time.  Alex is a wonderful and highly skilled personal trainer.  We have enjoyed his warm and professional personality every week. In addition, the workouts he leads have been very supportive of our tennis game, yoga practice and our general active life style. We highly recommend him to anyone considering a personal trainer!!

David And Brabara Review Image
David And Barbara M.