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Alex Smith

Founder / Master Personal Trainer

My name is Alex Smith, I am a certified personal trainer through the nationally accredited American Council on Exercise, and a graduate from Northern Arizona University, where I studied Health Psychology, Biology, Exercise Science, and Nutritional Science. My enthusiasm for general health and wellbeing began back when I was just a boy participating in every sport I could sign up for. During high school I ran cross country, and played lacrosse, football, tennis, and volleyball. I have been helping family members and friends attain their health fitness goals since I was twelve years old, and have been training the public for over ten years now. In 2008 I started my own business, At Your Door Personal Training, LLC and my main focuses have been In-Home Personal Training, Skype/Facetime Personal Training, Online Boot Camps, and Online Program Writing.

I feel that exercise should be an exciting event and people should not dread going to the gym, which is why I chose to bring the “gym” to my clients. I like to keep my clients healthy and happy by implementing the latest research in the fitness world mixed with enjoyable exercise techniques that will keep their bodies constantly guessing and improving. People will stay motivated as long as they are enjoying their exercise regimen, and I always ensure that my clients are motivated. I continue my education on exercise and health daily by reading the latest research and fitness news. I also remain active in the gym and the sports community by exercising 7 days a week whether I am strength training, running, or playing lacrosse, volleyball, or tennis.

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Gary Wolf

Master Personal Trainer

Gary Wolf is a born and raised native of Arizona. With being in such a great weather state, Gary spent a lot of time outside playing sports and other activities year round.  One of those sports Gary Played was baseball.  He went on to play one year at Scottsdale Community College and three years at Grand Canyon University.  Baseball was and still is his passion today.  It was at Grand Canyon University when Gary realized he wanted to continue with an active and healthy life style as well as to help others with it too.  Gary received his B.S. in Corporate Fitness and Wellness (Exercise Science) from GCU in 1994 and began working in the field of exercise as a trainer that summer of 1994.  After graduation he attained his CSCS certification (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has been a trainer as well as held other positions in the field over the last 23 years.  Some of the different places and environments he has worked at has given him abundant experience with all populations.  Gary is very comfortable working with the very young to the older person, the recreational athlete to the professional athlete. He loves to work with and specializes with baseball players.  Gary takes a very corrective and functional exercise approach to his program design and training application of it. What sets Gary apart is his ability to get people to feel better, move better, and function better in life or sport, while always getting people to change aesthetically.

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Kelsey Jackson

Master Yoga Instuctor

Kelsey Jackson was born and raised in Arizona. Kelsey was a trained figure skater, gymnast and dancer and fell in love with performing. She has been a figure skating coach, gymnast coach and dance teacher. After having her first son in 2017 she found a new passion, Yoga. “Movement has always been something my body and mind craves. Yoga has given me a new outlet to express my creativity, strengthen my body and live a healthier life style. It truly has changed my entire life, actually it gave me my life back.” Kelsey has spent the last year obtaining every certification she could. Kelsey is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and certified in various formats including Buti Yoga, Buti Sculpt and Hot core. She wants to continue her journey and get certified in prenatal yoga, yin yoga, and deep by Buti as well as planning on taking another 200-hour RYT training course at the end of 2018.

Life is busy, and sometimes taking care of your body and mind gets pushed to the side as it may seem less important than all the other tasks we must do in a day, especially those of us that have children. It took me along time to learn that I can only help others if I’m taking care of myself as well. It’s my passion to help others find a safe place to just be themselves, let go of all the stress, and do something an hour a day to clear the mind and focus on feeling better physically emotionally and mentally.  Buti Yoga has transformed me from the inside out; it has given me confidence and love for myself that I can now share with others. It has allowed me to connect and give. It has decreased depression and anxiety and I have learned so much about myself through Yoga. It really has become my “soulmate workout” and I want others to fall in love with themselves and with this practice too. Vinyasa is the foundation and the base. It is with yoga we move with breath, intention and meaning. We speak through our bodies…or better yet, our bodies speak to us. It is more than just a “workout” or a hobby. It is passion, it is purpose, and it is connection. Yoga is movement and it is through movement we work through all that “stuff” that has been holding us back. The stuff that allows us to think we aren’t good enough, or that we never will be good enough. We move through our struggles and even through our successes. This is where WE LIVE, where WE BREATHE, where WE CONNECT! Not only with ourselves but with the ones around us! I am honored to share this magical experience with others and guide you through your own unique journey.

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Cameron Bayne

Master Personal Trainer

Cameron Daniel Kaleialoha Bayne was born and raised on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Being an island boy he was always active enjoying paradise, playing sports, or at the beach. He was drafted as a Center Fielder by the Cincinnati Reds in the 2006 Major League Draft, however, he decided to continue his education and went to South Mountain Community College. Following his Freshman year in college he transferred to Concordia University, Irvine where he studied Exercise and Sports Sciences and found his passion in fitness and wellness. Following his Junior year of college he was drafted in the 13th round of the 2009 MLB Draft by the Chicago White Sox as a Pitcher and played 7 seasons of professional baseball.

Within this time, not only did he get to travel the world playing baseball, but he also loved learning how to take care of his body playing at the highest level of the sporting world, with injury prevention along with strength and functional training. It was this experience that helped him transfer easily into the fitness industry. He then decided to move to Arizona because, not only is it one of the biggest states known for fitness, but he also wanted to coach and train Youth Travel Baseball Clubs to share his professional experiences with our future young athletes. He aspires to help people attack their fitness goals no matter what they may be. Whether you want to lose weight, prepare for an event or season, gain muscle, improve functional movements, or relieve daily aches and pains Cameron’s training, personal experience, and vast exercise knowledge, makes him the expert trainer for you.

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Deanna Lindley

Master Yoga Instructor

Deanna has been practicing yoga for 5 years and has been teaching for 4. The way she teaches and moves through yoga and asanas is through music. Music speaks to her soul and tells her body what it needs and when this happens, the magic happens. Yoga is near and dear to her heart and has had some transformational outcomes both physically and mentally/spiritually. It has allowed her to connect and give. It is with yoga she moves with breath, intention and meaning. She believes we speak through our bodies…Or better yet our bodies speak to us. It is more than just a workout or a hobby. It is her passion, it gives her purpose and it creates connection.

Yoga is movement and it is through movement we work through all that’s been holding us back. That stuff that allows us to think we aren’t good enough, or that we never will be good enough. We move through our struggles and even through our successes. This is where WE LIVE, where we BREATHE and where we connect! Not only with ourselves but with the ones around us! She is humbled and honored to guide you through whatever experience you are intended to have. With that being said Deanna is certified in 200hr RYT/ BUTI/ Hot BUTI/ hot core/ BUTI Sculpt/ and Resistant bands. She is so excited to MOVE and SWEAT with you and guide you through your own unique journey!

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Shelbie Kite

Master Personal Trainer

Shelbie Kite was born and raised in Texas but lived in Hawaii for a large part of her life before moving here to Arizona. Growing up she was very active and in a range of sports, such as volleyball, softball, track, cheerleading, and basketball. She was a hair stylist in San Antonio for 3 years, which had been Shelbie’s passion the majority of her adult life. She loved seeing the expressions on peoples’ faces after a complete transformation. However, when she was offered the opportunity to move to Hawaii, she jumped on it instantly.

It was in Hawaii that her passion began to shift to health and fitness. During her time there she took full advantage of the island and focused on her own personal fitness doing sand workouts and venturing on hikes as much as possible, as well as frequently going to the gym. While at the gym she found herself always offering to coach other people to reach their fitness goals. She quickly realized that she was able to help people achieve a new level of transformation, physically and mentally, and again, she loved that same expression of gratitude and amazement that she used to strive for while being a hair stylist.

Helping others at the gym paid off and they eventually offered Shelbie a scholarship to get certified as a Personal Trainer. Shortly after getting her certification she took a leap of faith and moved her life out to Arizona to grow her family and business. With a lifetime of experience in athletics and the gym Shelbie has truly learned how to get efficient results in working out, ranging from strength training to band exercises to HIIT workouts. She sincerely believes health and fitness are the key to leading a great lifestyle and aspires to help others grow and reach any and all of their fitness goals.

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Ines Sanderson

Master Personal Trainer And Certified Nutrition Coach

Ines Sanderson is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, former triathlete and bodybuilder. Her passion for fitness has inspired clients and people around her to exercise and get healthier. She is deeply concerned with the “epidemic” of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, degenerative diseases. It is well known that nutrition plays a major role in helping people fight the disease or keep them healthy all their lives.

She is an accomplished athlete, winning The National Long Distance Triathlon Championship (age category) and being the runner-up (veteran category) in the National Bodybuilding Championship, both in her native Brazil. In 2013, she placed in first (age group) in the Tarheel 10 miler in North Carolina.

Both athletes and clients she coaches get a customized training/nutrition program to help them achieve their goals, whether it is getting ready for a race or just getting in shape. Small changes in a person’s routine can result in major changes in his/her health, appearance and self-esteem. There is no “ideal” time, age to get started, results can be beneficial for people of all ages, fitness levels, especially those facing health issues.

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Shawn Stone

Master Personal Trainer

Shawn Stone is originally from VA and has worked up and down the East Coast.  In addition to graduating from Old Dominion University with a degree in Exercise Science, Shawn also attended The University of Alabama.  

An avid golfer, he served as an Assistant Golf Professional in Hampton Roads Virginia before returning to the health and fitness industry. He began working the Corporate and Private sectors of the fitness field and eventually ended up on beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC.

Shawn was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for several golf and tennis academies including the Hank Haney IJGA and the International Jr. Tennis Academy on Hilton Head before moving to Phoenix in 2012.

Shawn’s passion and desire for education in the areas of health, fitness, and nutrition have given him a platform to provide educational classes, information, and resources to those who are looking to make positive changes in their lives.

Shawn’s main focus is proper corrective exercise techniques and prevention of injuries. Keeping the athlete on the field of play and healthy is essential.

He’s been involved with top athletes, both amateur and professional around the world, in sports performance and rehab settings since 1995.  Shawn’s worked with PGA, LPGA, and Jr. academy players, the WTA, ATP as well as NBA players. He currently works with a variety of golf, tennis and sand volleyball players both youth and adult.


His favorite health and fitness advice for others: Nutrition! Nutrition! Nutrition!

You can’t out-train a bad diet.

Fitness should always be challenging.  Dedication from inside of yourself is the key to a long life of health, the ability to move properly and perform in everyday life activities.