Ankle Mobility Series – Part 4

Resisted Plantar And Dorsiflexion

Resisted Plantar And Dorsiflexion:

1. Sit upright on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you.2. Grab a Versaband, Slingshot Band, or Resistance Loop and twist it in the middle to make a figure eight.3. Put each foot through the two loops made from the figure eight with the band around the base of your toes.4. Place your right heel on the shin of your left leg and create tension in the band by dorsi-flexing your right foot, along with plantar-flexing your left foot. (Hold tension for 2s)5. Next point the toes of each foot together by plantar-flexing your right foot and dorsi-flexing your left foot.6. Repeat alternating flexions for 15-25 repetitions.7. Switch so your left heel rests on your right leg and repeat again for another 15-25 repetitions.8. Repeat for 3 sets on each side.