Ankle Mobility Series – Part 6

Tibialis Anterior Myofascial Release

Tibialis Anterior Myofascial Release:

1. While seated, bend your right knee up towards your chest, and dorsiflex your right foot pointing your toes back at you.2. With your left hand grab your right lower leg about 3 inches below your knee, and dig your fingers into the muscle that runs along the outside of your shin (your Tibialis Anterior).3. Now bring your right hand over to help hold your left fingers stay in place while you slowly plantarflex your right foot pointing the toes down, and then slowly bring your foot back to dorsiflexion.4. Shift your hands down your shin an inch or two and repeat until you reach the spot about 3 inches above your ankle.5. Perform 2-3 sets in each local one down your leg.