Ankle Mobility Series – Part 7

Tibialis Posterior Myofascial Release

Tibialis Posterior Myofascial Release:

1. While seated, cross right leg, to rest your right foot up and over your left knee.2. With your left hand grab your right lower leg about 2 inches above your ankle, and dig your thumb into divot between you shin and soleous to hit deep at the muscle that runs along the inside of your shin (your Tibialis Posterior).3. With your thumb pin your tibialis posterior against your shin bone and slowly move your foot through plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, inversion, and eversion.4. Shift your left hand up your shin an inch or two and repeat until you reach the spot about 3-4 inches below your knee.5. Perform 1-2 sets in each location up your leg.

⚠Some slight tenderness in the worked areas is common after performing this myofascial release, be sure to ice the affected areas afterwards