Ankle Mobility Series – Part 8

Ankle Stability With Loaded Range Of Motion

Ankle Stability With Loaded Range Of Motion:

🔴 Try to perform this move while barely holding on or even without holding on to anything for balance to add extra stability work to your ankle.

1. Stand with your right foot resting on an elevated surface like a step or weight plates etc.2. Allow your right heel to come off the step and drop down to give you a calf stretch. (Hold for 1-3s)3. Then lift up on to your right toes as high as you can and squeeze the calf. (Hold for 1-3s)4. Now in a controlled manner, lower your right heel back toward the ground until your foot is parallel with the ground and even with the elevated surface.5. From here you will slowly bend your knee forward about 20 degrees and try to take the tension and work load out of the calf and into the ankle and then back up. (Perform 3 controlled knee bends)6. Repeat the process 3-5 times and then switch to your left leg.