Common Problem Mobility Series – Low Back Pain 1

Band Resisted Hip Hinges

Band Resisted Hip Hinges:

1. Begin by anchoring a heavy resistance band behind you at waist height, and looping it around you just about 2-3 inches below your waist.2. Step forward to get a lot of tension in the band pulling back on you.3. Focus your gaze about 6 feet in front of you on the ground to maintain proper neck position, and cross your arms at your chest to help reinforce proper posture.4. Now hinge at your hips, allowing the band to pull your hips backward and your upper body to move forward keeping your lower back strong and only allowing the legs to bend slightly.5. Next you’ll squeeze your glutes as hard as you can and fire them forward back to your starting standing position. (Perform 15-25 repetitions)6. Now to find imbalances in your hips and back, you’ll stagger step your feet and perform the same motions, really emphasizing the glute squeeze of the leg that is staggered back. (Perform 15-25 repetitions)7. Switch your stagger step, and repeat. (Perform a final 15-25 repetitions)

🔶 Do this move daily really focusing on creating the muscle connection between your glutes and your lower back. Making sure your glutes are activated and providing the proper support that they should will help relieve the stress and pain your lower back is under.