Common Problem Mobility Series

Low Back Pain 4

Downward Dog With Calf And Hamstring Stretch To Upward Dog Combo:

1. Start down on the ground on your hands and feet.2. Begin by getting into the downward dog position. Keep straight legs and lift your butt up toward the ceiling, allowing your heels to drop towards the ground, while pushing your chest in between your shoulder blades. You’ll want to feel a gentle stretch in your hamstrings, calves, chest, and shoulders.3. Then, start to alternate bending one knee then extend, bend the next, then extend, etc. to really stretch out each calf and hamstring individually. (Repeat for 20-30s)4. Then transition into the upward dog position. Drop your pelvis down toward the ground without resting it on the ground, while you lift your torso upright with straight arms and pull your shoulder blades down and back (like trying to put them in your back pockets).5. Hold this upward dog position for 20-30s feeling a gentle stretch in your lower back, chest, and abdomen.6. Repeat both moves for 2-3 repetitions.