Hip Mobility Series – Part 1

The Z Sit Transition

The Z Sit Transition:

1. Sit on the floor and place your right leg out bent at 90* and your left leg to your side at 90* as well creating a Z from the right leg’s foot ➡calf ➡thigh ➡left leg’s thigh2. Be sure to place the right leg’s knee against the sole of the left leg’s foot (this makes a Z Sit instead of a 90/90 Sit…important distinction)3. Now place your hands behind you to brace yourself, and try to sit upright as much as possible.4. While bracing yourself with your abs engaged, shift leg positions over so the left leg now takes the position the right leg had and vice versa.5. Alternate side to side for 15-25 repetitions on each side readjusting when necessary and maintaining an upright upper body with your abs engaged.