Hip Mobility Series – Part 7

The 90/90 Sit Backward Stretch With Wide Butterfly
Hip Mobility 3

The 90/90 Sit Backward Stretch With Wide Butterfly:

1. Sit on the floor and place your right leg out in front of you internally rotated and knee bent at 90* with your right foot off to your left.

2. Now place your left leg out to your left side internally rotated and knee bent at 90* as well with your foot pointed behind you.

3. Be sure to have separation between the right foot’s heel and the left leg’s knee, so your hips and knees are at 90* angles creating the 90/90 Sit.

4. Place your hands on the ground and sit up as tall and straight as you can.

5. Now turn your torso so your chest is facing straight out over your left knee (or as far to the left as you can) with your palms on the ground behind you, fingers pointing back.

6. While keeping your chest up and shoulder down, lean back until you feel a good stretch deep in your left glute. (Hold for 20s)

7. Next, lift your left knee off the ground along with your right knee while allowing your hips to square up forward with your knees out wide and feet on the ground.

8. Sit upright to grab your ankles,  place your elbows on your knees.

9. While maintaining your best posture and neutral spine, push down on your knees with your elbows until you feel a stretch on both inner thighs. (Hold for 20s)

10. Repeat again on the same side 2-3 times, then switch leg positions and run through both moves again.