Shoulder Mobility Series – Part 1

Unilateral Chest Openers

Unilateral Chest Openers:

1. Stand sideways to a wall and place your right palm flat on the wall with your fingers spread wide,2. Make sure your elbow is locked out, and your wrist is at shoulder height.3. Stand upright with your chest up and your shoulder blades pulled together toward the midline of your body.4. Place your feet at hip width apart for a solid stance to ensure your upper torso won’t shift.5. Rotate your right arm in and out from the shoulder without moving your hand or bending your elbow.6. Try to focus on rotating your arm around to point your elbow bone back and as high as you can then back down and around pointing it as far to the front as you can.7. Repeat 30 arm rotations each direction, or do three sets of 10 shaking the arm out for a bit in between if it is too difficult to perform all 30.8. Switch and repeat on the left arm.