Shoulder Mobility Series – Part 9

Shoulder Flexion With External Rotation

Shoulder Flexion With External Rotation:

1. Anchor a heavy resistance band above your head behind you.2. Wrap the band under your left elbow and allow it to pull your arm over your left shoulder.3. Now bend your left arm back at the elbow and externally rotate your left arm to face your palm up at the ceiling and tuck your elbow close to your ear.4. Now reach over with your right hand and hold your left elbow close to your ear.5. Stagger step your feet and lean slightly forward while keeping your chest up.6. Allow your left shoulder to relax and give into the pull of the band as it provides a gentle to moderate stretch.7. While stretching, you’ll start to rotate your torso perpendicularly to the anchor to get your left arm to try to externally rotate away from your body.8. Pause for 3s at the furthest point of rotation that you can, then come back to neutral and repeat trying to get further each time.9. Perform 10-15 rotations, then repeat on your right arm.