Wrist Mobility Series – Part 1

Forearm Peeling

Forearm Peeling:

1. While kneeling down on the ground lean forward and place the back of your right forearm flat on the ground in front of you, facing your palm up.2. Start by placing your left knee on the soft tissue bundle of your right forearm where your forearm muscles and tendons connect to your elbow, furthest away from your body.3. Turn your right palm faces down now, and begin to make little circles with your left knee, peeling into that soft tissue spot. (Do 5-10 mini circles)4. Next, you’ll turn your right palm back faced up, and continue to make the mini circles to peel into that same spot. (Do 5-10 mini circles)5. Move your knee down toward you to hit another soft tissue bundle on your right forearm where another group of forearm muscles and tendons connect to your elbow, closest to your body now. (Do 5-10 mini circles)6. Repeat again on the middle of your forearm, as well as 2 inches above where your wrist meets your hand. (Do 5-10 mini circles in each spot)7. Go over each spot 3 times through, then repeat on your left forearm.