Wrist Mobility Series – Part 2

Wrist Extension And Capsular Release

Wrist Extension And Capsular Release:

1. While kneeling down on the ground place your right wrist looped through any heavy tension resistance band anchored somewhere around 2 inches off the ground.2. Place the band on top of the back of your wrist, in the joint where your hand meets your forearm.3. Move your right hand out a bit to create a lot of tension on the band, now pulling hard on top of your wrist.4. Place your left hand flat on top of your right hand cupping the wrist where the band is, to anchor your right palm palm down to the ground.5. Now straighten your right arm and just rock your arm forward and backward by leaning your body back and forth, while maintaining a flat palm on the ground and constant pulling from the band.6. Rock back and forth 10 times slowly stretching forward more and more each time.7. Repeat on the left wrist.