Wrist Mobility Series – Part 3

Wrist Fist Flexion

Wrist Fist Flexion:

1. While kneeling down on your hands and knees, place the back of both hands on the ground with your fingers pointing in front of you.2. Keeping your arms locked out as straight as possible, and as much of the back of your hand on the ground as you can manage, clinch your hands making a fist and reopen 5 times.3. Now, move your hands so your fingers are facing in at each other, and repeat the fist 5 times.4. Next, move your hands around so your fingers are facing back at you, and repeat again for 5 more fists.5. Finally, turn your hands around, so your palms are firmly pressed on the ground, fingers faced back at you and while maintaining straight arms, rock your body backwards and forwards 5 times.⚠ It’s important to do “step 5” and stretch your wrist flexor said after having them in such a bunched up compromised position.