Wrist Mobility Series – Part 7

Wrist Detraction And Extension

Wrist Detraction And Extension:

1. Begin by using your left middle finger and thumb to grab your right wrist from the underside, in the pocket right where your radius and ulna bones stop before your hand begins.2. Squeeze your left middle finger and thumb together to feel the wrist detraction and clinch your thumb down hard on top to lock it in place on your right wrist.3. Now, use a barbell, or end of a table, etc. and place your right fingers on it while you lean your body over your hand and force your right wrist into deep extension. (Hold in extension for 3-5 seconds)4. Come out of extension, and release your grip with your left hand.5. Repeat all steps from the beginning until you reach 5-10 repetitions on each wrist.