Wrist Mobility Series – Part 8

Four Position Finger Curls

Four Position Finger Curls:

1. Begin by sitting or standing upright and lift your right arm locked out straight out in front of you supporting your elbow with your left hand to hold your arm in place.2. Face your palm forward and perform wrist extension pulling he back of your hand as far back towards you as you can.3. Holding in extension, curl your finger tips down bending at the third and second knuckles. Pause and squeeze them down for 2s then back up for 3 repetitions.4. Then perform wrist flexion pointing your finger straight down and your palm back at you as far as you can, and repeat the finger curls.5. Now internally rotate your hand, staying in flexion, pointing your fingers to your left with your palm back at you as far as you can. Then repeat finger curls again.6. Finally perform wrist extension again and turn your hand palm faced out with your fingers pointing to your right, and pull the back of your hand toward you and do the finger curls for another 3 repetitions.7. Repeat all positions 3-5 times trying to extend and flex your wrist even further though each time. Then switch to your left arm.