Body Burn Boot Camp Testimonials


Check Out What Some Of The Campers Are Saying About Body Burn Boot Camp

What makes my Body Burn Boot Camp so different from going to the gym by yourself?

“It’s fun! It’s outside and being with other people brings a different energy than in the gym. Plus, the workout is already planned for you, so you don’t have to worry about what to do and how many reps.” SH

“Going to Body Burn Boot Camp made me accountable. It started at a specific time and you had to be there!” LJS

“It is a great opportunity to get a full body workout in the fresh air” AK

“I don’t like gyms because they are crowded and have creepy people.  It’s hard to get motivated on your own, and I like the variety of exercises.” KK

“I prefer to go to Body Burn Boot Camp instead of the gym because I never get bored! The hour seems to fly by between the mat and field exercises.” ES


What makes Body Burn Boot Camp different from other boot camps or exercise classes you been in?

“Being outdoors, the variety of the exercise, and being able to talk with other people.” KK

“This Boot Camp has always been a different workout each time, unlike other classes that go through the same routine every week.  Body Burn Boot Camp never gets boring!” SH

“Body Burn Boot Camp is different because it lacks the impersonal feeling that I get from other classes. You’re not just seen as a number. Alex takes the time to know your strengths and weaknesses and motivates you accordingly.” ES

“There is plenty of space, unlike working in a small enclosed gym class” AK

“This was my first official class as a full time camper.  However, I have been a guest at other boot camps and Body Burn Boot Camp was the most informative, motivating, and personal.” LJS


What is your favorite part of Body Burn Boot Camp?

“The great abdominal work. Oh, and the END 🙂 !” KK

“The music is up beat, and Alex keeps me motivated to push my limits and keep reaching new goals” MS

“I loved the workout and pushing myself to limits I didn’t know I could do.” LJS

“How I feel at the end of each session.  I feel ready for anything!” SH

“My favorite part of Boot Camp is the ladder and the hurdles. It’s fun because I can see myself getting faster and more confident in my agility. I like knowing I’m still an athlete.” ES

“Working with a group.  Alex’s interaction with the class encourages all of the campers to become friends and help each other out throughout every exercise.” AK

What results did you/have you seen so far (physical or mental) from my Body Burn Boot Camp?

“I not only lost pounds and inches, I gained a lot of self confidence and pride.” LJS

“I’ve seen improvements in both.  Also, just getting through the holidays without gaining weight is a plus.” KK

“I have had a great amount of improvement in cardio and I lost inches” AK

“I have had great physical improvements, including inches lost, strength gains, and muscular endurance, but the best results are how I feel about myself and my accomplishments after each camp.” SH

“I’m significantly stronger and more toned than I was before I started Boot Camp. People have commented on how much leaner I am.” ES


What would you say to other people who are thinking of trying out my Body Burn Boot Camp?

“I would say that they should try it because it is so different than working out by yourself or at a gym. Boot Camp keeps me accountable but is also a place without judgment or pressure. There is no way I could have the success I’ve had at Boot Camp on my own.” ES

“Try it! It’s something different that you can’t do on your own.  And you have a trainer and/or other members that help you stay accountable.” KK

“Just get started! You’ll love it once you make the commitment.” SH.

“Just get out and do it! It is a nice change up to old routines, and you’ll never get bored” AK

“Don’t let age or weight hold you back. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish when you push yourself a little harder each time. Alex is always encouraging and complementary so…Go for it! You will feel better physically and emotionally. It’s a great feeling!” LJS

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