Personal Training Testimonials

 Here Is What Some Of My Clients Are Saying About Our Sessions Together

“I am especially satisfied with Alex as my trainer. I do not have a car so it is a plus that he is able to come to me. I like that Alex is not about forcing me to reach my weight loss/healthy lifestyle goals, he only encourages. I am impressed with his fees as well. They are EXTREMELY reasonable and I am able to adjust them into my budget just fine. Alex is not at all a beefed up, stereotypical, overly arrogant trainer. He is not intimidating at all. He is very intelligent and very knowledgeable regarding his profession. He is a professional trainer that I will continue to work with and will refer any and everybody I know to him. Because of Alex, I know that “I can do anything for 30 seconds”. I have carried that into my professional life as well as my personal life. Alex has truly helped change my life!”

Tashia D. Read


“I enjoy the fact that I do not have to commute anywhere to get a great workout.  The pace of my workouts with Alex are much quicker than when I workout on my own.  I am amazed at how many different exercises I end up doing in a 45 minute span! It is obvious that he cares about my progress, and puts real thought into our sessions. I really appreciate the fact that Alex ensures that I do the exercises properly to get the most benefit and to make certain that I do not injure myself.  I am more flexible and definitely stronger since I began working out with Alex. I also appreciate the fact that he is always on time, even given the fact that he sometimes has to drive quite a way between clients.”

Lauren Jackson, RN


“We have been clients of Alex Smith’s “At Your Door Personal Training” for two years and have a high opinion of his services.  Having a fitness trainer in our home makes it easy and special to keep fit–no need to psych up to get to the gym.  Alex is always on time, and he comes in the door enthusiastically ready to lead our session.  We appreciate that his program for the day is both geared to our needs and prepared ahead of time so we get right into it and progress through a series of exercises with bands and work-out balls that build on the previous sessions and developments.  These workouts have been beneficial in getting us in shape, improving muscle tone, and in helping us have an improved sense of well-being.  The routines appear to be designed especially for us as people in our late 60’s-early 70’s, and while they are demanding, we have been pleased (and surprised) that we have adapted to them and are able to do more each time.  As we go through the workout, Alex keeps checking to see how we feel or if we are having problems completing the exercises.  If there are difficulties, he readily makes adjustments.  Most importantly, he guides us with encouragement and praise so that we want to succeed not only for ourselves but for him.  His knowledge and experience are obvious, and give us confidence in his training.  Lastly, Alex is very personable, open, likeable, and client friendly.” 

Marcia McFarland & Lou Shelton

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