Neck Flexor Rolling

Neck Flexor Rolling


1. Start by placing a lacrosse ball or another small ball right in the soft tissue area above your clavicle and first rib of your right side. .

2. Get into a position to lean that ball against a wall or door jam, leaving room for internal and external rotations of your arm. .

3. Apply heavy pressure against the ball against the wall to tac the posterior scalene muscle in place.

4. Then perform bent arm internal and external rotations with your right arm for 15-25 repetitions. .

5. Now move your right arm back behind you holding in internal rotation with the back of your right hand placed on your lower back. (Hold for 15 seconds)

6. Finally if you are up for it grab your right arm with your left hand and lift it behind you up and down for 15-25 repetitions for an even deeper stretch and massage. .

7. Repeat all steps again with ball against your left side.

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