Stretch Of The Week – Band Assisted Mid Deltoid Stretch



Band Assisted Mid Deltoid Stretch

Whether you’re an elite athlete or everyday desk jockey, we may find a time that performing over head motions such as shoulder press, pitching, rock climbing, or even putting the groceries away on the top shelf, can be painful or limited. This is generally caused by tight shoulder internal rotators as well as tight muscles used for shoulder extension. This band assisted mid deltoid #stretch will address the always tight mid deltoid muscles that cause slot of the impingement and discomfort we experience.

1. Anchor a heavy resistance band above your head behind you.
2. Grab the band with your left hand and allow it to pull your hand over your left shoulder.
3. Now externally rotate your left arm to face your palm up at the ceiling and tuck your elbow close to your ear.
4. Stagger step your feet and lean slightly forward while keeping your chest up.
5. Allow your left shoulder to relax and give into the pull of the band as it provides a gentle to moderate stretch.
6. Hold for 30-60s then repeat on your right arm.

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