Stretch Of The Week – Child’s Pose With Lean

Child’s Pose With Lean


Child’s Pose With Lean

This is another great Latissimus Dorsi Stretch! This is an easy comfortable stretch to get into and hold for an extended period of time. This #stretch is particularly perfect for golfers and swimmers. The leaning rotation once in child’s pose will get a significant pull on each individual side and allow the athlete to identify any flexibility imbalances they may have. With the extra flexibility a golfer will be able to rotate more comfortably and produce more power on drives and iron shots! Again, anyone can benefit from this stretch for rounded shoulders, and thoracic postural purposes as well.


  1. Start on hands and knees on the floor
  2. Knees are hip width apart and the arms parallel to each other
  3. Move the hip towards the heels and push the hands forward a bit to reach an effective stretching
  4. Let the upper body sink down to the floor
  5. Using your finger tips, walk your hands out as far as they can go, to achieve a deep stretch. * Then, again using finger tips, walk your hands off to one side while keeping your upper body and hips level to the floor
  6. Hold stretch for 30+ seconds then repeat on other side

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