Stretch Of The Week – The Double Pull Deltoid Stretch

Double Pull Deltoid Stretch


Double Pull Deltoid Stretch

This is a #stretch that is excellent for releasing the, always tension filled, deltoids. Many of us hold our stress in our shoulders, the deltoids, the upper traps, etc. This stretch will do wonders at alleviating that pain and allowing your shoulders to relax. Therefore regaining full range of motion and proper function. This is great for all athletes, especially baseball, tennis, and volleyball players, along with rock climbers. In addition, this is great for anyone who finds themselves under constant stress or tension, such as pre and postnatal moms 🤰🏻🙌🏻

How To Do It!

  1. While seated or standing, lift your right arm straight up and with your left hand, grab the elbow or forearm of your right arm.
  2. Keep your neck elongated and upright, pull your shoulder blades back together toward the midline of your back.
  3. Next pull the elbow of your right arm to stretch the deltoid of that arm. (Hold for 5s)
  4. Then pull the bent left arm back over your head by moving your straight right arm out toward the side. (Hold for 5s)
  5. Repeat on both sides 5-10 times.
  6. Repeat the same process with your arms in reverse order.

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