Stretch Of The Week – Finger Abductor Stretch

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The finger abductor #stretch is a simple but effective stretch that will relieve tension throughout the the dorsal interossei in your hands responsible for abducting your fingers as well as flexing yours finger from your first knuckle to the second. This will help to relax tight and painful hands, relieve writers cramps, regain mobility in your fingers, and decrease finger, hand, and wrist stress from prolonged typing at your desk job.


1. Start on your hands and knees on the ground, with your shoulders directly over your hands.
2. With opened hands, place the tips of your middle fingers on the ground and then abduct your other fingers by spreading them as far from the middle finger as possible.
3. Now while keeping your fingers spread begin to lower them down to the ground until all four fingers are down to the first knuckle. (Hold for 3s)
4. Bring your hands back up to the starting position and repeat the process 10 times trying to spread the fingers more and more each time.

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