Stretch Of The Week – Wrist Extension Cobra Pose

Wrist Extension Cobra Pose


Wrist Extension Cobra Pose

The wrist extension cobra pose, is a #stretch that will give you all the benefits of the cobra pose (which I have already gone over in a past post) and it will focus on relieving muscle tension throughout your wrist flexors. This will give you more range of motion in the extension function of the wrist. .

This is important because if we lack motion at the wrist, we’ll try to make the motion up at the shoulder and elbow, causing more pain in more places. Conversely, if we lack shoulder mobility, we’ll try to make it up at the elbow and wrists. Therefore, just as it was important to focus on scapular and shoulder mobility a couple months back, it is also important to focus on the wrist, as the two are interconnected and focusing on one may not alleviate the problem for the other.


  1. Start getting in your hands and knees, with your knees directly under your hips and your hands directly under your shoulders. .
  2. Now turn your hands outwards and around as much as you can trying to point your fingers back at you. .
  3. Keep your palms down to give a good stretch in the flexor muscles in your forearm. ⚠ For some you may stop here and hold for 30-60 seconds. .
  4. If possible now, while keeping your palms down and arms locked out, straighten your legs out behind you, pull your shoulder blades down and back (like you are putting them in your back pockets) and press your belly to the ground. (Hold for 30-60 seconds)

⚠From either holding spot you can rock forward to decrease the stretch, or backward, to increase the stretch.

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