Stretch Of The Week – Wrist Extension And Flexion Stretch

Wrist Extension And Flexion Stretch


Wrist Extension And Flexion Stretch

The wrist extension and flexion #stretch is an amazingly simple but effective stretch that will relieve tension throughout the the main muscles in your forearms responsible for flexing and extending your wrists. This will give you more range of motion in both commonly used wrist positions as well as help to relax tight and painful hands, elbows, and shoulders.

This is important because if we lack motion at the wrist, we’ll try to make the motion up at the shoulder and elbow, causing more pain in more places. Conversely, if we lack shoulder mobility, we’ll try to make it up at the elbow and wrists. Therefore, just as it was important to focus on scapular and shoulder mobility a couple months back, it is also important to focus on the wrist, as the two are interconnected and focusing on one may not alleviate the problem for the other.


  1. Start standing or seated upright with your right arm straight out in front of you facing your palm forward. .
  2. Grab the fingers of your right hand with your left and firmly pull them back and slightly down toward the back of your forearm, to stretch your wrist flexors. (Hold for 15-20s)
  3. Now point your right hands fingers down toward the ground, facing your palm back at you. .
  4. Grab the back of your right hand at your knuckles with your left and pull firmly back toward your body again providing a stretch in your wrist extensors. (Hold for 15-20s)
  5. Repeat both stretches twice, and then repeat all steps on your left arm.

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