Stretch Of The Week – Single Arm Prone Pec And Shoulder Stretch



Single Arm Prone Pec And Shoulder Stretch

The single arm prone pec and shoulder #stretch is best for Rock Climbers, Swimmers, Chest Press Fanatics, Desk Jockeys, New Moms, or anyone else with poor posture, or forward rolling shoulders. You don’t need any equipment, and you can get a deep stretch in your pectoral muscles along with your anterior deltoid a, to relieve those tight rounded shoulders.

▪️Lay down on your stomach with your head turned looking comfortably over your left shoulder, and your left arm resting off to the side.
▪️Place your right hand on the ground and bend your elbow up off the ground like you are getting that arm in push up position.
▪️Now internally rotate your right shoulder to force it down toward the ground while keeping your elbow up. (Hold for 10s)
▪️ Now, shift your body to lean your right shoulder closer to your right hand to hit a deeper stretch. (Hold for 10s)
▪️ Shift back and forth between these two stretches for a total of 3 sets each, the switch arms and repeat.


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