Stretch Of The Week – Three Way Neck Stretch

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Three Way Neck Stretch

The three way neck #stretch will focus on the seven main muscles responsible for movement of the neck in all directions. .The neck houses the most joint and muscle receptors in our body relative to its size. These receptors send messages to our brain that include not only pain but also the awareness of our position in space as well as our balance. They control postural sense regarding head position, lumbar curve, pelvic tilt and even foot strike. Correct flexibility of the neck is essential for optimal functioning in all of these areas. All rather important things for ALL ATHLETES, as well as ANYBODY in everyday life!


  1. While standing upright Place your right hand gently on top of your head. .
  2. Pull straight down, gently from the top of your head. (Hold for 10s)
  3. Then look over your left shoulder and pull straight down again gently. (Hold for 15s) .
  4. Now pull straight over to the side, gently pulling your right ear toward your right shoulder. (Hold for 15s)
  5. Repeat twice through with your right hand on top of your head.
  6. Repeat twice through again with your left hand on top of your head switching to look over your right shoulder, and pull your left ear toward your left shoulder as well.

⚠ Don’t over stretch!!! You should feel a gentle comfortable stretch in your neck.

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