Stretch Of The Week – Foam Roller Thoracic Extension

Foam Roller Thoracic Extension


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Foam Roller Thoracic Extension

The foam roller thoracic extension #stretch will focus on relieving muscle tension throughout your middle and upper traps as well as easing and replenishing your thoracic spine. This will allow your shoulder and neck to relax and become more mobile, and improve your neck posture, removing that forward leaning head that many people have. 😬

The neck houses the most joint and muscle receptors in our body relative to its size. These receptors send messages to our brain that include not only pain but also the awareness of our position in space as well as our balance. They control postural sense regarding head position, lumbar curve, pelvic tilt and even foot strike. Correct flexibility of the neck is essential for optimal functioning in all of these areas. All rather important things for ALL ATHLETES, as well as ANYBODY in everyday life!


  1. Start with your butt on the ground with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground, lay your mid-upper back on the foam roller.
  2. Reach your arms over your head (or support your head with your hands if it strains too much on your neck)
  3. Lay as far back as you can trying to reach your shoulders and head to the ground curving and stretching your thoracic spine. Hold here and take a deep breath in and out.
  4. Move our butt towards your heels to roll the foam roller up your back a couple inches. Again hold here and take a deep breath in and out.
  5. Continue moving your butt towards your heels to roll the foam roller even higher up your back till it gets to the base of your neck across your shoulders. Hold every couple inches each time taking that deep breath in and out.
  6. Repeat back down your back to starting point.
  7. Repeat all steps up and down your thoracic spine to your cervical spine three times.

⚠ Don’t over stretch!!! You should feel a gentle comfortable bend in your spine, and pull across your ribcage.

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