Stretch Of The Week – Two Way Band Assisted Arm Cross Over



Two Way Band Assisted Arm Crossover Stretch

Two Way Band Assisted Arm Crossover #Stretch is an excellent stretch for releasing the, always tension filled, Posterior Deltoids. Many of us hold our stress in our shoulders, the deltoids, the upper traps, etc. This stretch will do wonders at alleviating that pain and allowing your shoulders to relax. Therefore regaining full range of motion and proper function. This is also staple for all athletes, involved in sports or activities with a high usage of their shoulder rotator cuffs. Examples include baseball, tennis, and volleyball players, along with rock climbers and powerlifters. In addition, this is amazing for postnatal moms especially after holding your precious bundles of joy all day and straining your shoulders and upper back. Take time to take care of yourselves too moms!

1. Anchor a heavy resistance band slightly above head height and place your left arm through the loop to make it pull tightly under your left arm pit.
2. Face perpendicular to the band with your left arm closest to the anchor point so that the band pulls your left shoulder away from you.
*. Note: the band is now pulling your shoulder relieving some tension on your shoulder capsule to remove any impingement that may occur in the Anterior shoulder when performing this stretch. Therefore allowing he stretch to only pull on the muscles it is supposed to.
3. Standing upright, straighten your left arm and pull it across your chest and wrap your right arm around it to pull it even closer to your body. (Hold here for 30s)
4. Now remove the band from your left shoulder and grab the loop with your right hand.
5. Stay facing the direction you are and allow the band to pull your straight right arm across your body and slightly up to provide a stretch on your right posterior deltoid and shoulder blade area now. (Hold here for 30s)
6. Turn facing the opposite direction now and repeat all previous steps for the opposite arms.

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