Abdominal Domination

Try this week’s Abdominal Domination workout! The combination of moves in this program provides a sure way to get your abs burning, and get you that much closer to the lean toned stomach you are striving for. All of these moves require no equipment, and can be done in any space large enough for you to lie down in. Perform All Of These Abdominal Exercises For 20 Repetitions And Repeat For 3 Sets.

  • Prayer Crunch (From Bent Leg Crunch Position, Crunch While Reaching Straight Up Above Your Eyes)
  • Regular Crunch (From Bent Leg Crunch Position)
  • Prayer Crunch With Legs Flat
  • Regular Crunch With Legs Flat
  • Straight Leg, Leg Lifts (Place Hands Under The Bottom Of Your Glutes In Order To Assist Your Lower Back Remain In Contact With The Floor Beneath It)
  • Crunch Reaching Towards Toes With Legs Straight In The Air
  • Cross Overs (Place Ankle Of Right Foot On The Left Knee And Then Crunch Your Left Elbow Towards Your Right Knee. Repeat On The Other Side)
  • Side Crunch (Lay Your Bent Left Knee On The Ground To The Side, While Keeping Your Right Knee In Normal Bent Leg Crunch Position. Then Crunch Your Right Elbow Towards Your Right Knee. Repeat On The Other Side)
  • Side Plank Hip Thrusts (Get Into Either A Bent Leg Or Straight Leg Side Plank, Then Allow Hips To Drop Down To Floor And Then Lift Them Back To Normal Plank Form)
  • Bicycle Crunch (Bicycle Your Legs To Full Extension Each Time While Meeting Each Knee With The Opposite Elbow As They Cycle In)

Rest For 60-90 Seconds To Allow Abdominals To Recover A Bit So You Can Keep Proper Form Throughout Each Set.


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