All You Need Is A Stability Ball To Do This Full Body Workout

Stability Ball Exercise

These exercises will work all of your core muscles needed to stabilize your body throughout everyday life. Strengthen your abs, lower back, hamstrings and more with this full body workout.

Perform All Of These Exercises For 30 Seconds With No Breaks Between Moves.
*SB=Stability Ball*
  • SB Crunches
  • Inclined Push Ups (rest more or less of your legs on the SB to make it as easy or as hard as you can handle)
  • SB Tucks (with your hands on the ground, rest legs on SB just under the knees and tuck your knees in towards your chest while piking your butt up)
  • Reverse Hyperextensions (lay on your stomach on the SB and roll forward until your toes can just touch the ground, then lift your straight legs as high as you can while keeping your feet together and your lower back fired)
  • SB Prayer Crunches
  • SB Leg Curls (lay on your back and rest feet on SB. Bridge your hips off the ground then curl the ball in and out in front of you.  Use your hamstrings and glutes to do the work)
  • SB Straight Leg Bridges
  • SB Bent Knee Bridges
  • SB Side Crunches
  • SB Wall Squat
  • SB Wall Squat Bounce (get down in to a full squat, then slowly bounce up and down doing a very small squating motion)
  • SB Wall Squat Hold
Take A Quick Water Break And Repeat For A Total Of 3 Sets.
Have A Great Week Everybody!

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