500 Squat Challenge!

Kicking off the 100 squats a day April Cleanse   Use this video and other videos on the 100 Squats A Day Facebook Page for motivation throughout your April Cleanse. Post your the amount of days you have been consistently doing 100 or more squats a day along with your time, and help encourage others […]

Just get up and do it!

So many times my clients tell me that when they woke up they thought about canceling our workout for that day. However, after our workouts, everyone of those same clients tell me how happy they are that they didn’t cancel, and how great they feel about themselves. It is very easy to talk yourself out […]

5 Most Overrated Exercises

As According To Some exercises become so common that few people take the time to question their validity. Perhaps they began as specialty exercises intended for use in specific contexts — by patients in rehab, for example, or by advanced bodybuilders who need the most challenging variations of certain movements. Some trainers noticed the […]