Neck Mobility Importance

Although the it is one of the most important junctures in our body, the neck is often overlooked in our workout and stretching routines.  The neck connects our trunk and shoulders to our head and houses a very important stretch of our nervous system. The neck carries more information to and from our brain than any other area of the body.

The joints and muscles in our necks are designed to support our heads and house our nervous systems while remaining highly mobile. This mobility is needed to keep the joint and muscle receptors firing their messages to our brain. These messages include not only pain but also the awareness of our position in space as well as our balance.

These messages control postural sense regarding head position, lumbar curve, pelvic tilt and even foot strike. Correct mobility of the neck is essential for optimal functioning in all of these areas. All rather important things for ALL ATHLETES, as well as ANYBODY in everyday life!