Stretch Of The Week – 4 Way Ankle Stretch



4 Way Ankle Stretch:

The 4 Way Ankle #stretch is perfect for anyone who suffers from constant tight or swollen ankles after prolonged endurance or agility training, playing sports, or for someone rehabbing an ankle injury. This stretch will focus on relieving all tight muscles or bound up tendons around your entire ankle. If you are someone who plays an agility sport, jumps a lot, or is involved in any endurance sport where you are constantly applying abnormal amounts of pressure on your feet and ankles, you should add this easy stretch in to your daily routine! I’m talking to runners, bikers, rock climbers, tennis, football, and basketball players, hikers, etc.


⚠️ Your toes will tend to want to flex or tense up while doing these stretches, this is normal, but be aware of it and try to relax the toes as much as possible just feeling the stretches in your ankles.

1. Lay down flat on your back on the floor with your toes pointed up at the ceiling, start by inverting your feet, so you are trying to force the soles of your feet to face each other. – Hold for 3 seconds
2. Next, evert your feet as much as you can, trying to face the soles of your feet away from each other (generally not a wide range of motion this way). – Hold for 3 seconds
3. Third, you will dorsiflex your feet, pointing your toes back at you trying to face the soles of your feet toward the ceiling as much as possible. – Hold for 3 seconds
4. Finally, you will plantar flex your foot, pointing your toes forward and down trying to face the soles of your feet toward the ground as much as you can. – Hold for 3 seconds
5. Repeat all steps 5 times through.

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