Stretch Of The Week – Side-lying IT Band Stretch


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Side-lying IT Band Stretch 

This stretch is amazing for any endurance athletes. The most common athletes with IT Band Syndrome or ITBS would be long distance runners, cyclists, and hikers. However, the foot, ankle, outer knee, and glute pains of ITBS can also manifest strongly in pregnant and post natal women.

🛑 Perform the following four steps while fully lying on your side, and not letting your hips open up toward the ceiling.

  1. Pull the heel of your top leg toward the upper and outer part of your butt without bringing your knee to far forward in front of you.
  2. While holding that heel at your butt, lift that knee as high and then as far back as it can go.
  3. Then lower that knee forcefully straight down towards the ground till you feel a pull on the outer part of the knee, and down the side of your leg.
  4. Finally with the bottom leg, place the foot on top of the stretched knee and push down even more. 🔹Hold here for 20-30 seconds and repeat on the other leg
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