Stretch Of The Week – Calf Rolling

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Calf Rolling:

Calf #rolling is perfect for anyone who suffers from constant tight calves which can lead to ankle pain or knee pain, not to mention an achilis tendon rupture 😫. Doing this, will get both the medial and lateral heads of the gastrocnemius muscle, as well as the soleous muscle.
If you are someone who is on your feet a lot, or involved in any endurance sport where you are constantly using your calf or performing plantar flexion of your foot, you should add this easy technique in to your daily routine! I’m talking to runners, bikers, rock climbers, tennis, football, and basketball players, hikers, etc. 🔈DO THIS STRETCH!

1. While seated on the ground, grab a softball (or a big massage ball) and rest one leg up on top, positioning the ball directly in the meat of your gastrocnemius.
2. Begin to move your leg around, rolling the ball with light to moderate pressure until you find a bound up and sensitive spot.
3. Once in a sensitive spot focus there with slightly more pressure doing small circles clockwise and counter clockwise for 10-20s
4. Turn your leg so the ball is now on the inside of your gastrocnemius and do the same.
5. Then turn your leg to get the ball rolling on the outside of your gastrocnemius for the same procedure.
6. Finally move the ball to the back of your leg again, and down to the bottom of your calf at your soleous and perform the steps once more.
7. Repeat on your other leg.

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