Stretch Of The Week – Assisted Hamstring And Calf Stretch

Assisted Hamstring And Calf Stretch


Assisted Hamstring And Calf Stretch

The assisted hamstring and calf #stretch is perfect for anyone who RUNS, ROCK CLIMBS, HIKES, or ATHLETES WHO JUMP A LOT, or for someone REHABBING an ankle injury. This stretch will focus on the hamstring muscles while also stretching the gastrocnemius and soleus of your calf. So if you are someone , who takes part any of the above mentioned activities, this stretch is a MUST for 👉🏻


  1. While seated on the ground or a yoga mat, hold a yoga strap (stretching strap) or towel with. both hands and put the middle around the bottom of your right foot.
  2. Now lay back flat on the mat and while keeping your right leg locked out straight and your left leg flat on the ground, lift your right leg straight up as far back toward your eye line as possible.
  3.  Gently pull the ends of the strap back to pull your leg even further in to a deeper stretch of your hamstring.
  4.  Now allow your right foot to dorsiflex bringing your toes toward your shin to stretch your calf.
  5.  Again, gently pull the ends of the strap, down this time, to pull your toes even further down allowing for an even deeper stretch of the calf.
  6.  Hold for 30s and repeat with your left leg.

⚠Note: you can make a loop with the strap to wrap your foot for a tighter grip with less chance to slip

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