Stretch Of The Week – Hamstring And Calf Stretch Duo



Hamstring And Calf Stretch Duo:

The hamstring and calf stretch duo is perfect for anyone who puts strain on their knees, including RUNNERS, ROCK CLIMBERS, HIKERS, or ATHLETES WHO JUMP A LOT. As well as, for someone REHABBING a knee injury. This stretch will focus on the hamstring muscles while also stretching the gastrocnemius and soleus of your calf. These muscles, when tight, can cause mass amounts of strain on your knee joint and surrounding ligaments. So if you are someone , who takes part any of the above mentioned activities, this stretch is a MUST for 👉🏻


1. While standing, place your left foot on a foam roller, or curb outside keeping your heel down(you can’t is a wall because you need to be able to lean forward past your toes).

2. This alone is a great calf stretch. But to take it further, you’ll now hinge at your hips leaning your butt back and keeping your left leg straight as you bend down to reach your hands towards the foam roller.

3. Hold here for 5-10 seconds then repeat on your right leg.

4. Alternate between legs for 5-10 seconds each 6 times.

❌ Be sure to keep a neutral spine and straight leg, and go as deep toward the ground or foam roller as you can while creating a light to moderate stretch throughout the entire back of your leg.

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