Stretch Of The Week – Rope Inner Thigh Stretch

Inner Thigh Stretch


The Rope Inner Thigh Stretch

The rope inner thigh #stretch is perfect to relieve those tissues and muscles in your deep inner thighs and groin that can become tight and stiff from poor posture and inactivity. Tightness here, can lead to weakness in your hips, which can cause pain in your lower back, hips and knees. Stretching this region can help reduce pain and improve hip mobility, allowing more freedom to move in your hip joints

🔺Lay flat on your back with a stretch rope or long towel, and wrap the rope round the underside of your right foot.
🔺By pulling back on the rope, lift your right leg up and back as far as it can go while remaining straight and locked out.
🔺Now maintaining a straight leg, allow it to fall out to the side away from your body and down to the ground.
🔺Hold on this position for 30 seconds while keeping good tension on the rope and a gentle to moderate stretch on your right inner thigh.
🔺Now switch legs and repeat.

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