Stretch Of The Week – Seated Peroneus and Hamstring Stretch

Stretch Of The Week Peroneus


Seated Peroneus And Hamstring Stretch:

The peroneus longus performs two major functions in the leg by plantar flexing and everting the foot. Working as a plantar flexor, the peroneus longus assists the much larger gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in pointing the toes. Helping to evert the foot is an important part of balancing on one foot and centering the body’s weight over the planted foot. The contraction of the peroneus longus muscle also helps to support the transverse arch of the foot by holding the tarsal bones and metatarsal bones in the correct anatomical position. Adding in the Hamstring Stretch to this move is an added bonus since you’ll be in a good position for it 😊

1. Sit upright on the ground with your left foot tucked into you, and you right leg straight out in front of you.
2. Lean forward over your right leg pressing your chest down toward your knee to stretch your right hamstring.
3. Now point the toes of your right foot forward and then turn your foot inward as much as you can.
4. With your left hand reach over to your right foot and pull it toward you and inward to feel a stretch along the back outer part of your lower leg -the peroneus muscles- (Hold for 30s)
5. Repeat again on your left side.

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