Stretch Of The Week – Three Position Calf Stretch

Three Position Calf Stretch


Three Position Calf Stretch


The three position calf #stretch is perfect for anyone who suffers from constant tight calves which can lead to ankle pain or knee pain, not to mention an achilis tendon rupture 😫. This stretch will get both the medial and lateral heads of the gastrocnemius muscle, as well as the soleous muscle, and achilis tendon.

If you are someone who is on your feet a lot, or involved in any endurance sport where you are constantly using your calf or performing flexion and dorsiflexion of your foot, you should add this easy stretch in to your daily routine! I’m talking to runners, bikers, rock climbers, tennis, football, and basketball players, hikers, etc.


  1. Stand barefoot or in socks with your right foot in front of you 6-12in pointing your toes up.
  2. Keeping your right leg locked out straight hip hinge back and bend your left leg and torso down to reach and grab your right toes with both hands.
  3. Pull back on the toes pointing them back at your shin (Hold for 10s)
  4. Now keeping your right heel to the ground, turn your toes out away from your body and pull back on your toes again. (Hold for 10s)
  5. Finally, keeping your right heel to the ground again, turn your toes in towards your body and pull back on your toes again. (Hold for 10s)
  6. Perform 3 sets in each position
  7. Repeat on your left leg.

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