Stretch Of The Week – Tibialis Anterior Stretch With Peroneus Myofascial Release



Tibialis Anterior Stretch With Peroneus Myofascial Release:

The Tibialis Anterior is a muscle located at the front of your lower leg and wraps down your shin bone. Unfortunately, this muscle is often overlooked in a persons stretch routine. If you’re a runner, endurance athlete or if you’ve ever been diagnosed with “shin splints,” you might have tightness in your Tibialis Anterior. Secondly, this #stretch will also provide some myofascial release for the Peroneus muscles. These muscles in conjunction with the Tibialis Anterior, help to stabilize the leg on top of the ankle, so they are extremely important in injury prevention. it is important for runners, rock climbers, hikers, and volleyball players, along with many other sports and everyday activities.

1. Stand barefoot or in socks and cross your left leg in front of your right leg.
2. Point the toes of your left foot perpendicular to your body and down at the ground allowing them to curl under your foot so you are resting on the knuckles of your toes.
3. Gently put pressure on that left foot foot until you feel a good stretch in the front of your lower leg along your shin bone. (Hold for 30s)
4. Now while holding you can bend your right knee forward pressing your shin against the lower lateral side of your left leg where your Peroneus Longus and Peroneus Brevis are located.
5. With the shin bone of your right leg, you can now provide a gentle massage and myofascial release to the Peroneus muscles by slightly moving it around on your left leg.
6. Repeat again on your right side.

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