Stretch Of The Week – Lacrosse Ball Glute Rolling



Lacrosse Ball Glute Rolling

Lacrosse ball glute rolling is a perfect way to help #stretch the fascia and relieve the deep tissues and muscles in your glute. Doing so, will help to prevent all the aches and pains, such as IT Band, Sciatica, and Periformis Pain, that come along with tight glutes. using a lacrosse ball enables you to get deeper than a foam roller, and really release tension in targeted areas.

1. Take the lacrosse ball down to the ground, and sit on it with your right cheek—not directly, but a little off to the side.
2. Take your right leg, and cross it over your left knee.
3. Now make small circular motions, starting counter-clockwise and then clockwise.
4. Stop on areas that feel particularly knotted up and roll slowly back and forth a few times.
5. Repeat for the other side.

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