Seated Torso Twist

Stretch Of The Week – Seated Torso Twist

STRETCH OF THE WEEK: Seated Torso Twist The seated torso twist #stretch hits multiple problem areas for athletes who are involved in multi planar movements and or deep torso control. These athletes include dancers, gymnasts, rock climbers, martial artists, and rodeo riders. DO THIS STRETCH! Sit on the floor with your legs extended out in front of […]


Stretch Of The Week – Side-lying IT Band Stretch


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Side-lying IT Band Stretch 

This stretch is amazing for any endurance athletes. The most common athletes with IT Band Syndrome or ITBS would be long distance runners, cyclists, and hikers. However, the foot, ankle, outer knee, and glute pains of ITBS can also manifest strongly in pregnant and post natal women.

🛑 Perform the following four steps while fully lying on your side, and not letting your hips open up toward the ceiling.

  1. Pull the heel of your top leg toward the upper and outer part of your butt without bringing your knee to far forward in front of you.
  2. While holding that heel at your butt, lift that knee as high and then as far back as it can go.
  3. Then lower that knee forcefully straight down towards the ground till you feel a pull on the outer part of the knee, and down the side of your leg.
  4. Finally with the bottom leg, place the foot on top of the stretched knee and push down even more. 🔹Hold here for 20-30 seconds and repeat on the other leg

Stretch Of The Week – Fire Log Pose With Torso Twist


Fire Log Pose With Torso Twist

This is an amazing full body #stretch! The Fire Log Pose provides a deep stretch to the hips, opening the outer hips and buttocks. It also stretches and strengthens the groins, thighs, calves, and abdominal muscles. This pose also gently stimulates the abdominal organs, which helps to regulate digestion and metabolism. Adding in the Torso Twist is a great way to stretch the lumbar and thoracic spine as well. This stretch is PERFECT for pregnant and postnatal women. In addition however, the flexibility, mobility, and core benefits from this stretch are advantageous for all sorts of athletes and athletic activities involving torso rotation and hip stability, including baseball, volleyball, golf, tennis, rock climbing, MMA, dancing, gymnastics….well…everyone! 😀


  1. Sit on the floor with your legs extended, spine straight, and arms resting at your sides. * Bend your right knee and hug it to your chest. Then bring your right ankle to rest just above your left kneecap.
  2. Bend your left knee. Slide your left shin beneath your right shin, bringing your left ankle directly underneath your right knee.
  3. Work toward bringing your shins parallel to the top edge of your mat, keeping your right shin stacked directly above your left shin.
  4. Press your groins toward the floor and sit up straight. Keep your back strong and chest up – This is the Fire Log Pose
  5. Now to add the Torso Twist
  6. Place your right hand in front of your legs, fingers pointing forward, and your left hand directly behind you, fingers pointing backward.
  7. While maintaining a strong upright torso and keeping your knees and ankles down, gently twist to point your chest to the left.
  8. Hold for five seconds and repeat the twist to the other side. * Keep switching side to side for up to one minute.
  9. Release the pose slowly.
  10. Repeat for the same amount of time with the opposite leg on top

STRETCH OF THE WEEK – Frog Pose With Leaning Latissimus Dorsi Stretch

STRETCH OF THE WEEK: Frog Pose With Leaning Latissimus Dorsi Stretch This is a #stretch that is excellent at opening up those tight hip adductors, and restores internal rotation to the hips which can alleviate symptoms for anyone suffering from sciatica pain, knee pain, or lower back pain. The leaning Lat stretch is a perfect […]