STRETCH OF THE WEEK – Laying Figure Four Stretch

hips/glutes stretches


Laying Figure Four Stretch

This stretch is an excellent way to release the hips and tight glutes! This is for any athlete involved in hip rotation, torso torque, or prolonged repetitive cardio. Also, this stretch will help anyone dealing with sciatica pain, lower back ailments, tight hips causing knee pain, or if you are pregnant, or were pregnant recently. The release you get from this stretch will have you amazed at how much easier you’ll be able to move. ️

  1. Start lying on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor.️
  2. Lift your right leg and cross your right ankle over the left knee.️
  3. Reach your hands around left leg to meet under your left thigh. ️
  4. Draw the left thigh towards you while keeping your lower back pressed against floor, with your abs drawn in tight. ️
  5. Use your right elbow to push your right knee away from you as you pull your left thigh in closer for an even deeper stretch. ️
  6. Take deep breaths, deepening the stretch with every exhale, and hold for 30s then switch sides.

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