Top Exercises For Runners!

  Exercises For Runners Runners who include resistance training in their running programs will cross the finish line first. Strong hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings reduce the risk of injury from muscular imbalances you may not even know you have. You don’t even have to go to the gym to perform these strengthening exercises. Add […]

15 Minute Intense Full Body Workout!

Try This 15 Minute Full Body Workout! Perform These Eight Exercises In A Row As Many Times As Possible Doing 25 Repititions Of Each Move. Jump Squats Curl To Press (Light-Moderate Dumbbell Weight) Mountain Climbers Bicycle Crunches Neutral Reverse Flys (Light-Moderate Dumbbell Weight) Burpees With Two Push-Ups At The Bottom And Jump When Standing Plank Jumps […]

Explaining Muscle Soreness

Many people have a hard time starting a consistent exercise program, due to the uncomfortable muscle soreness that can occur after strenuous exercise. So, allow me to explain about muscle soreness, how to reduce it once it has come along, and hopefully fill in the blanks for what you might not know. When you work out, you literally “tear […]

Married Can Mean Healthier!

Your spouse can be your best exercise buddy. In a study of 3,075 people, researchers looked at marital status and activity levels. Married couples were more likely to be active than non-married individuals. If one spouse was active, the other spouse was also more likely to be active. In highly active men, their spouse was […]

Another Great Incentive To Exercise

Exercise Helps To Prevent Cancer Cancer kills approximately half a million Americans each year. However, regular exercise has been proven to help reduce risk of cancer, and has been called the “wonder drug” for those with cancer. Physical activity seems to improve the body’s antioxidant defense systems and to strengthen other immune defenses to protect […]