At Work Tips For Tuesday

Just following these small tips a few days a week at work, will help you to burn loads of extra calories. Each calorie burned is worth it when weightloss is the goal, so give these a try.

  • Walk Or Ride A Bike To Work
  • If That Is Not A Possibility For You, Then Park Your Car As Far Away From The Office As You Can So You Have To Walk A Good Distance To And From Work
  • Take The Stairs At Work Instead Of Elevator
  • Purposely Leave Something In Your Car That You Know You Will Need Later In The Day, So You Will Have To Walk Out To Your Car To Get It
  • Get Up And Do Some Small Exercises At Your Desk Every Hour – Squats, Push Ups, Hip Swings, Calf Raises, etc.
  • Use Ten Minutes Of Your Lunch Break To Take A Walk Or Light Jog Around Your Building, Up And Down The Stairs, Or Down The Block
Not only will these tips help you to burn extra calories throughout your day, but they will also keep you awake, invigorated, and more efficient at work. Take time to better yourself every day, and you will stay happy and healthy.

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