STRETCH OF THE WEEK – Frog Pose With Leaning Latissimus Dorsi Stretch



Frog Pose With Leaning Latissimus Dorsi Stretch

This is a #stretch that is excellent at opening up those tight hip adductors, and restores internal rotation to the hips which can alleviate symptoms for anyone suffering from sciatica pain, knee pain, or lower back pain. The leaning Lat stretch is a perfect addition to this already great pose! The Lat stretch will allow the upper body to release from the shoulders down, helping with posture and forward shoulder roll. This stretch is also great for dancers, gymnasts, martial artists, or horseback riders #equestrian.

  1. From hands and knees, walk the knees out to the sides as wide as comfortable.
  2.  Bring the ankles directly behind the knees with the feet pointed out towards the side walls.
  3. Bring the elbows and forearms on to the floor with the palms flat on the floor.
  4. Using finger tips, walk your hands off to the left side while keeping your upper body and hips level to the floor.
  5. Be sure to walk your right hand as far to the left as possible until you feel a good stretch and pull down the whole right side of your torso.
  6. Breathe and hold for 15-20 seconds.
  7. Repeat on both sides twice.

To release: come back to the middle and rock the hips forward. Bring the palms under the shoulders and press back up to your hands and knees.

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